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integration, sensors and smart power


CMST focusses on generic chip packaging and board-level interconnection technology (both optical and electrical) to realise conformal microsystem solutions.

These generic technology platforms are leveraged to create novel types of sensor components (e.g. optical shear, pressure and gas sensors) and innovative microsystems (e.g.  microfluidic bioreactors, smart contact-lenses ed.).

CMST has extensive expertise in smart power ASIC design to meet the energy needs of such conformal systems

Conformal Antennas

Under construction

Plasma-based polymer surface coatings and activation

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Biomedical signal processing


Medisip is a research group of the department of Electronics and Information systems (ELIS) of the faculty of Engineering (FIRW) at the Ghent University (UGent). Our research topics can be subdivided in four major branches, all in the field of medical image and signal processing: Neuroscience, Small Animal Imaging (Infinity), Software and Hardware lab.

Application: Neurology and Neuro-surgery

Application: Psycho-acoustics and electronic music


IPEM is the research center of the Department of Musicology, which is part of the larger Department of Art, Music and Theater Studies of Ghent University. IPEM provides a scientific basis for the cultural and creative sector, in casu music and performance arts, and does pioneering research work on the relationship between music body movement and new technologies.

e-poly : centre for advanced polymer based microsystems and applications
a Ghent University business unit