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Sputter coating

For efficient deposition of thin fillms , the sputter deposition method is often the method of choice. It offers a higher throughput than evaporation and produces a more conformal coating.

Most often metals are deposited with the sputter method, but some dielectric materials also offer good sputter characteristics.

Metal coatings available include aluminum, copper, gold and titanium. Most common substrate sizes up to 6" can be processed.

Thin film evaporation

A great variety of materials can be evaporated under high vacuum to obtain functional thin films. Our evaporation system contains a thermal  as well as an electron-beam module, allowing the deposition of the full range of materials. 

Commonly evaporated materials are (high-melting) metals, metaloxides, ...

Plasma enhanced CVD

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Plasma activation

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Plating line

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Aerosol jet printing

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Screen printing

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Laser Direct Imaging

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Laser structuring

For micromachining and structuring of materials, two laser systems containing an array of laser types are available.

Depending on the needs, a CO2 laser (1500 nm), a Nd:YAG laser ( nm), an excimer laser ( 248 nm), a picosecond laser at 553 nm or a femtosecond laser at  nm can be used.

Reactive ion etching

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Thermal treatments

A number of ovens are available for temperature steps in different environments.

Available temperatures range from 350º for standard ovens working in ambient condiions, over 450º for vacuum or nitrogen flushed ovens and up to 850º for firing ovens in oxygen or nitrogen environment.

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